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Product Introduction
DLC Series - The Epitome of Chain Excellence

Inheriting KMC’s technological strength and awarded innovation, DLC provides a more acute shifting response, heightened acceleration efficiency, and has a proven racing pedigree. DLC truly represents chain supremacy by providing an enhanced riding experience beyond compare.
KMC increase chain roller and pin hardness, which are the most important parts for chain life to create advanced durability for DLC Series. Combined with unrivaled riveting geometry, extraordinary design for shifting performance, and the highest compatibility, DLC is your most reliable partner in all riding conditions. Ambassadors of DLC include several Olympic Medalists, UCI World Championships in MTB XC, KOM and stage winners of the Tour de France and Vuelta a Espana, National Road Bike and MTB Championships.DLC 11 DLC 10

X eBike Series - The Best Choice for Mid-Drive Motors

The majority of increasingly popular "speed" pedelecs are equipped with mid -drive motors which transfer immense torque through the chain when shifting. In response, KMC has developed e-bike specific, torsion resistant chains to managing these extreme drivetrain conditions – the X eBike Series.
The direct force from the mid-motor to the cassette causes an enormous strain load on the chain which means a stronger and more durable chain is crucial. KMC has contended with this by combining 20% upgraded durability with the highest Pin Power on the market to ensure longer chain life and higher torsion and stress resistance for the KMC X eBike Series Chains.
X11e X10e X9e

EPT Series - Fountain of Youth

Complying with RoHS, CPSIA and REACH regulations (free of hexavalent chromium and other toxic materials), the EPT treatment technology improves the chain protection by completely coating all the components to form a comprehensive and durable anti-corrosion surface. Its anti-rust capability is superior to other anti-rust chains’ performance by 30%. By substantially increasing the anti-rust coefficient, EPT is able to reduce the probability of outer and inner chain rust by protecting against mud and water infiltrating the chain structure. It allows less maintenance for Cross Country and Cycle Cross riders who frequently navigate muddy courses. It’s also a must have for Fat Tire and City/Urban bikes. EPT

For BMX riders, KMC has developed the Kool series which has a unique design to prevent the chain from catching on uneven surfaces. With the rigors involved in BMX, KMC also provides a high pin power and added durability features. KMC’s efforts were recognized by the German iF Design Award who honored KMC with the much acclaimed Gold Design Award for the "Kool Knight Chain".BMX
My Color My Style
With a focus on product innovation, KMC also emphasizes aesthetics to compliment personalization. KMC provides several series to match all bicycle colors and personal styles. Patriot Vivid Trendy Bravo

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