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DLC 10
Size: 1/2"x11/128"
Speeds of sprocket: 10
Color: DLC, DLC/RE
Compatible Bikes: Road Bike, Mountain Bike, Derailleur Chain
Features: Super Light TiCN Rigidity Highest Pin Power Mud Shedding Hollow Pin
Diamond Durability XX Bridge Outer Plate Inner Plate ECO


- Extra StretchProof Hollow Pin
- Weight and chain suck reduction
- Double X Bridge Shape
- Diamond Durability
- Non-Directional
- Compatibility: SHIMANO, Campagnolo and SRAM 10 speed drivetrain systems
- TiCN Tech: extreme surface hardness, smoother shifting and chain interaction with all drivetrain parts

Connecting Link: CL559R (Reusable)



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