The Chain of Champion

DLC Series

  • Extra Durability

  • TiCN Coating Tech

  • Double X-bridge Shape

  • Optimal Chamfering Design

  • Hollow Tech & Ultra-lightweight

  • Mud Shedding and Pedaling efficiency

  • Tour de France champion team designated

  • The World's Most Hard Black Diamond Chain

  • 8 color options & Custom Colors Available Upon Request

Original Design
Top Performance

Black diamond light coating|Extreme construction technology

Ultra Agility
Perfect Control

Optimal chamfering design

Refrain interfere with gears action, gear changing precision,non-directional design and installation convenience

Double X Bridge

Shift instantly with the most efficient chain and gear harmonization

Excellent Smooth
Harder Surface

Titanium carbon nitride coating provides the perfect combination of metal and surface shield technology to upgrade

Perfect Combination of
Lightweight and Craftsmanship

Redesigned and reinforced, the superior lighter chain weighs only 2.08gm per link.

Achievement of the lightest strongest top quality, not only light but also better!

Visual Impact
Technology texture

DLC technology not only improves performance, but also provides an attractive, unique outlook; especially when paired with one of KMC’s vivid color options.

Exceptional Performance
International Team Rider Specified

The strongest and most efficient chain on the market is perfectly designed for an outstanding riding experience.

Ultra Durability
Great resistance

Benefiting from treatment to crucial components, the prolonged mileage of DLC chain impressively exceeds 8000kms

About KMC

With the initial intention in mind, KMC had always focused on chain and became a renowned chain brand with biggest market share all over the world.

With dedication to the innovation and development of chain, KMC is constantly awarded with international design awards, including iF Design Award and Red Dot Design Award. KMC welcomes business partners to join the leading brand of bicycle chain..