KMC Green Policy

We at KMC believe that the advancement of tech and life should go hand in hand. For us, finding new ways to give back to the environment and our community, and helping to create more wealth for everyone is every bit as important as developing new solutions and increasing productivity. We work tirelessly on innovating greener products and we are investing more and more into lowering the impact our products have on the environment.

We are proud to be part of the green transport industry and we meet or surpass each requirement imposed on us by the government. We also take very seriously the wellbeing of our workers, making sure that factories, storage facilities and transport vehicles are up to safety standards.

Our Promises to the Environment

  1. promoting zero carbon transport
  2. running green factories and offices
  3. certifying products for eco friendliness
  4. keeping track of carbon footprint
  5. lowering production of carbon emissions


  1. 2011 preparations for carbon footprint verification
  2. 2011 12x Series X10SL 10 Speed Superlight chain tested for carbon footprint by DNV.
  3. 2012 received carbon footprint certification

Going Green

  1. Eco-friendly materials:
    1. Easily recyclable, low carbon footprint, low pollution packaging
    2. Reduce packaging to the simplest & fewest variety
    3. Boxes certified as eco-friendly
    4. Designing greener products
  2. Using greener tools and processes; evaluating products for environmental impact.
  3. Management system for and operations research on executing green policy.
  4. Eco-friendly marketing strategy.