Quick & Safe. Easy to install.

Connect both ends of the chain with pin link

Place Snap-lock outer plate (B) over rivets of pin link (A) and bend chain gently towards you until the snap-lock plate clicks in.

Connect both ends of the chain with pin link.

Close chain on the front side by attaching the outer plate (B) and securing with spring clip (C)

The closed end of the spring clip should always be mounted in the direction of the chain travel.

Place two pins (A, B) of the connecting link through two holes from each end (roller link ends) of the chain and connect the chain.

Line up circular notch with pin and move down to pin groove.

Slide the slotted plate across to the end.

Turn this slotted plate and place the larger opening over the other pin. With fingers press firmly on the slotted plate. This slotted plate should snap shut tightly upon two pins while bending chain inward. finish installation

Connect both ends of the chain with the Bullet Type connecting pin.

Put the chain on the Chain tool and tighten the adjustment nut.

Use a Chain tool and turn the rotating bar to advance the Bullet Type connecting pin into the chain. Next, loosen the adjustment nut and remove the chain.

Use pliers to break off the excess part .

Connect the ends together.

Use chain tool to press the pin in.

Be sure to check the connecting pin protrudes uniformly form both sides of the chain after the chain has been joined.