408SO RB




【Durable anti-rust coating from a unique surface treatment that surpasses 500 hour Salt Spray Test.】

【Patented RB Anti-Rust Coating|Surpasses 500 Hour Salt Spray Test】

● Installation
Place two pins of the connecting link through two hole from each end (roller link ends) of the chain and connect the chain. (Fig.1)
Line up circular notch with pin and move down to pin groove, then slide the slotted plate across to the end. (Fig.2&3)

Turn this slotted plate and place the larger opening over the other pin. (Fig.4) With fingers press firmly on the slotted plate. This slotted plate should snap shut tightly
upon two pins while bending chain inward. (Fig.5)



Compatibility : KMC Z1 Narrow/ B1 Narrow chains