KMC Eco Solution: X Series – X10SL by KMC is the first bicycle chain to have the honor of attaining the Certification of Carbon Footprint
Updated : 2012-02-10


Being involved in an industry revolving around green transportation, KMC is proud to be the first bicycle chain manufacturer to have the honor of attaining the Certification of Carbon Footprint.

In addition to enhancing a mode of transport without carbon emissions, KMC factories and offices practice environment protection, with their products bearing environment examination certificates. A KMC ECO Solution milestone was created with carbon emission measurement of its product “X Series X10SL”. A Product Life Cycle Greenhouse Verification was issued on Jan 3, 2012, and received a Certification of Carbon Footprint on Feb.6. It allows KMC to be the first bicycle chain manufacturer to achieve the product life cycle greenhouse gas assertion; it is also means that KMC enters the ERA of carbon footprint in 2012 and now create a strategy to further improve environmental practices along a chain’s product lifecycle.

After receiving the verification, the “KMC ECO Solution” Group(which is a combination of R&D, manufacturing and marketing units) will carry out a series of carbon reduction plans including: using Eco-Friendly material (selecting easy-to-recycle, economic and low pollution packing material; simplifying packing; using designs with an focus on environmental protection), ecological design of merchandise (green environment products enhance the capacity to recycle merchandise; reduce harmful chemical use), environment protection technology application and development, practice environment management systems (organize outside supplier manufacturers to follow green Supplier Chain Management System) . KMC is focusing on environment protection.

In 2012 the era of carbon footprint for KMC, KMC will strive to increase its green environmental competitively strengths. KMC will also provide more high quality products with a focus on environmental protection allowing all consumers to obtain the green economical benefits of using KMC products. Through strict practice of environment protection, KMC allows the green transportation industry to become a green industry in reality.

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