Taiwan K-TEAM & Shenzhen K-TEAM
Updated : 2008-12-31

KMC Chain, the world’s leading chain manufacturer, established K-TEAM on November 30, 2008.

K-TEAM members include the enterprise's staff, family members, and friends—all cycling fanatics and amateurs. They chose 308 High Ground located south of Taiwan, with its famous scenic spots and the mountain road challenge tournament for their first challenge. The K-TEAM members climbed up to overlook the beautiful grassy mountain—its precipitous slope a considerable challenge for numerous members. Equipped with KMC Chain’s powerful bike chains, K-TEAM not only reached the top of the mountain—they did so with the grace and ease only KMC Chain can offer. Along with the Taiwan K-TEAM, Shenzhen K-TEAM recently formed in the inspirational path of its predecessor.

Every cyclist—professional and amateur—benefits from KMC Chain’s superior durability and lightweight performance. KMC X9SL Super Light Gold chain helped Sabine Spitz achieve the female MTB gold medal at the 2008 Olympic Games! We welcome cyclists from every country to exchange their riding experience with us. If you have any recent news or other comments, please share them with us at the K-TEAM blog:

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