[KMC Awards] Chain Expert KMC Wins Taiwan Excellence Awards 2018
Updated : 2018-01-29

KMC has designed an unrivaled X series chain to optimize performance on all single chainring drivetrains.Precisely calculated and placed on outer plates, the four smart chamfering ingeniously avoid interfering between chain and cassette teeth guarantee a quiet and safe performance.Designed for revolutionary tall square teeth on sprockets, the clean ramp on chamfered waist enables a smoother gear tooth insertion and a swift occlusion between chain and cog, drastically improve safety and stability for riding. Furthermore, the X-Bridge design has been elongated for improved shifting performance.

“One chain for all” is still KMC’s maxim even though their new X series chain has many innovations optimized for 1X systems. Therefore, the new X series chain is perfectly suited to all bicycles and riding conditions.

KMC has been consistently prized with international awards: 12 iF Design Awards, 5 Red Dot Design Awards, and 6 Taiwan Excellence Awards.

“Link to Perfection” is the brand belief of KMC. Combined cutting edge technology with limitless creativity, KMC is the proud provider of best quality chains to the market.

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