【KMC News】KMC’s Dr. Chain entered Sindian Drug Abuser Teatment Center

Sindian Drug Abuser Teatment Center started a series of course: bike repair, car detailing and care, gardening, catering, funeral director, helping the people who receiving rehabilitation (detoxification) treatment to return the society.

KMC cooperate with Cycling Life Style Foundation, sent Dr. Chain to Sindian Drug Abuser Teatment Center to teach about the repair of the bike. The course content is about the knowledge and maintenance of the bicycle chain, like standard principle of checking the health of a chain, how to clean and lubricate the dirt bike chain. KMC uses simple course content combined with real-world work to make it easy for them to learn and quickly master the key knowledge in the classroom to improve their skills.

Dr. Chain, the courses which created by KMC, want to teach the correct knowledge of the bicycle. Expecting that this courses can inspire the person who is potentially interested in bicycle can be more passionate.

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