【KMC News】KMC enters The 2018 Best Global Taiwan Branding Top 35.
Updated : 2018-11-30

Interbrand announced the 2018 Best Global Taiwan Brands at an event hosted by the Industrial Development Bureau and Ministry of Economic Affairs, and organized by the Taiwan Institute of Economic Research. KMC enters The 2018 Best Global Taiwan Branding Top 35.

Just like the other chain manufacturers, KMC produce the normal chains in the very first time. Because the normal chains are easy to made, the manufactures were in the price war usually. To solving this problem, KMC created their own brand.

KMC now provide products by 13 languages and service to users in over 150 countries, 80% market share in the global bicycle chain industry. KMC has been consistently prized with international awards: 13 iF Design Awards, 5 Red Dot Design Awards, and 6 Taiwan Excellence Awards, 2018 winning Taipei iF Design Awards. Entering The 2018 Best Global Taiwan Branding Top 35 and the most potential global Taiwan brand. KMC will continue to focus on brand globalization and develop its global business through brand strength to become an influential international brand.

In 1998, KMC planned to became a brand with the goal: The world's largest chain manufacturer. “High Quality, Good Service, Excellent Experience” makes KMC be the customers’ first choice.

To raise the value, KMC focus on the creative products and the ability of research & development. According to the different users design and produce the suitable chains. ”One Chain for All” is KMC’s advance technology resolved the compatibility of different drive systems and also reduced the inventory. In aftermarket, KMC developing online channels, customers are not limiting by area or time anymore, purchasing what they need immediately. Setting the new shop-in-shop project which are named”K-Shop” for customers to learn more about KMC chains and the important role chains play. Dr. Chain program provided bike shops, clubs and schools education on bike chain maintenance, faced to customers and collected the opinion directly.

The passion and growth of team, the execution and creativity of brand strategy are KMC’s management point. These principles are the reasons why can KMC’s chain be the customer’s first choice. “Leading technology, Close to the markets, High value Added R&D, Enhanced customers relationship” in this business policy, KMC collaborated with Taiwan famous bike brands to created “A-Team”, selling the high quality chain to the global. “High quality, good service, strict standard” makes KMC been a reliable partner with other bicycle brands.

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