【KMC News】KMC restructures it’s product line and packaging.
Updated : 2019-04-29

The world's largest manufacturer of bicycle chains, KMC, has recently restructured some of their range. All chains of the newly created e-series have been developed specifically for the needs of e-bike users and their e-bikes. On top of that, a completely new production process has been developed for the riveting of the e-series chains, enabling KMC to substantially reduce chain breakage during faulty shifting or shifting under extreme load.

Just like the logical naming of our X-series chains, the same philosophy has been applied on the e-series. The e1 is clearly recognizable as a hub- or single speed chain, while e9, e10 and e11 account for their corresponding derailleur systems. The e101 has a very special position within KMC’s e-bike offering. A 10,000km+ warranty applies for this wide bushed chain in combination with the wide KMC sprockets and chainrings.

Also, the new packaging speaks for itself in terms of both clarity and logic. On the recognizable square box, the consumer will immediately recognize which chain he needs. When we asked why KMC changed to a PP (polypropylene) packaging instead of the familiar cardboard, project manager Rob Compas responded the following: “Because of the fact that our former packaging was very difficult to recycle, laminated cardboard, KMC started looking for an environmentally conscious packaging. Polypropylene is 100% recyclable.” The new packaging offers additional benefits, as the project manager explains: “We now only have two packaging sizes for our entire range, differentiating them with a unique label. In this way, we avoid the need to pulp packaging residues during model changes.” continues Rob Compas. In addition, the new Polypropylene packaging is very solid and presents perfectly on any wall display.

Part of the restructuring project is also the KMC shop display, mentions Rob Compas. The soon to be available solutions for TEGO and Slat Wall allow the dealer to freely choose a personalized product range. Both solutions involve a simple magnetic banner and scannable product cards.

The transparent box design ensures a high end- and professional shop presentation on the wall displays, the finish of the chain and also the MissingLinks are visible at first sight. A new feature is the 'Durability Factor', which makes it easy for both dealer and consumer to find the right chain for their requirements.

Starting this undertaking in 2016, for project manager Rob Compas, a key point was that the chains could be packed fully automatically. The corresponding machine was developed and built in the Netherlands.

KMC continuously strives to reduce it’s CO2 emissions, a few examples are the appearance of solar panels on the production facilities and sales offices. Furthermore, there is an ongoing project aiming to reduce the general use of packing material and another spearpoint is introducing efficient workshop solutions, which KMC already has been offering for a couple of years. The dealer can choose either a bulk packing of 25 chains or a 50-meter reel. The 50-meter reels offer significant advantages: The dealer always has the right chain length available, the loss of chains and additional waste is negligible, furthermore, in comparison to the individually packaged chain, the reels work out to be better value. The complete e-series together with 15 other models is available on 50-meter reel. KMC has third parties conducting research in order to reduce carbon footprint of each chain produced.

From a perfect product presentation to a highly efficient workshop, KMC offers the optimal solution for every need.

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