As the increasing market demand for high end mid-motor e-bike, creating chains that can withstand the high tensile strength from the motors is in no time. Thus, being a market demand driven company, KMC team distributed the best compatibility e101 high end e-bike chain to provide the strongest back up to e-bike riders.

E101 as an e-bike specific chain, adapted 5 components to manifest the highest efficiency performance:

[Extreme capability of enduring the strong motor power] Radically elevates the pin power to resist the tensile and lateral torsional force to further cope with the tremendous output power.

[Highest Triple X durability] by paring the bushing in which raises 20% of the durability. While decreasing the wear rate, and extend the riding mileage in the same time. Through experimental testing, by paring the e101 chain with the e-bike specific chainring could target for 10000km riding efficiency.

The goal to give strong support to brilliant riders in which to conquer various environmental conditions has earn the recognition of 2020 Taiwan excellence award. Deeply favored by world famous e-bike brands like Bosch, Shimano, NuVinci/Enviolo are all partners of KMC. Thus, KMC will continue to uphold the belief of “Link to Perfection” and looking forward to create a better product to satisfy various market needs.

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