【KMC Awards】KMC e12 chain – rewarded 2020 TAIPEI CYCLE d&i awards

With e-Bikes flourishing in the markets, KMC is the high-end chain supplier to offer 12 speed chains for most e-Bike drivetrain systems. Strengthen multiple features to fulfill the tensile and torsional caused by mid-motor. Building the outstanding standards of e-Bike chains and provide the best comfort to riders.

e12 chain dedicated to all 12-speed e-Bikes. KMC offered [Shield Tech] a patented new riveting tech which strengthen the pin power up to 450kgf, overcomes the constant load challenge and fatigue by mid-motors.

[Highest Triple Durability] unique durability technology upgrades the rigidity of components and decreasing the wear rate at the same time. By this premium durability, e12 also extend the riding mileage up to 3 times, with brilliant performance express our specialty to customers.

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