【KMC Awards】KMC Premium e-Bike Series – rewarded 2021 Taiwan Excellence Awards

Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, bicycle industry has grown sharply, the most potential category- e-Bike flourished in diversified development. KMC is the high-end chain supplier to offer different speed chains for e-Bike drivetrain systems. Premium e-Bike Series with 9-12 speed (e9-e12), strengthen multiple features to fulfill the tensile and torsional caused by mid-motor. Building the outstanding standards of e-Bike chains and providing the best comfortable experience to riders.

【Shield Technology】

25% stronger with reinforced oversized pin design. Come with patented new riveting technology to achieve 450kgf pin power, and possess unparalleled rigidity and strength to withstand high torsional and tensile stress.

【3XSP Durability】and【3X Riding Mileage】

In addition to solve the massive abrasion caused by motor, KMC apply advanced processing to strengthen the rigidity and toughness of the chains. With exceptional durability could stand 3 times friction and meanwhile enhance the riding mileage 3 times.

KMC has been consistently prized with international awards, this year, Premium e-Bike Series rewarded 2021 Taiwan Excellence Awards again. Keeps the brand concept【Link To Perfection】combines with cutting edge technology and creative concept build up the most trusted chains.

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