【KMC Awards】TT Racing Chain & e-Bike Solution – Acquisition 2021 TAIPEI CYCLE d&i Awards

KMC has been consistently prized with international awards, we are so honor to have 2 Taipei Cycle d&i Awards in 2021. Our TT Racing Chain is the first of its kind to be specifically designed for ultimate success in the most competitive environments. Each component has been meticulously crafted with speed and efficiency as the top priorities.

Fabricated by tailored forging and heat treatment procedures has created an embossed double X-Bridge and optimal chamfering to provide smoother chain and tooth interaction for [Faster acceleration] and [enhance shifting performance]. The hollow plates reduce weight while the overall chain construction reduces rider effort and therefore improves riding distance 5% farther and drivetrain efficiency by 4% - go farther, faster!

The unique design of each component perfectly complements speed and efficiency through swift shifting and smooth running via chain and gear tooth interference. Energy consumption is reduced via significantly [increased cohesion by 9%] to effectively reach and maintain top speed with less effort of all chain components working together. Making TT Racing Chain break through the high record and remain the speed endorsement of it.

The other prized product is e-Bike Solution, a total Solution with unique [Chain Mate] design which make Chainring roller seats between teeth are perfectly matched to chain rollers for exceptional component engagement. Benefits of higher power transmission efficiency and longer component lifespan.

[Shield Riveting Tech] is a patented new riveting tech that utilizes a reinforced pin design, the pin surface raise 10% and significantly increases 25% pin power. e-Bike Solution also create [Optimal Tooth Design] with Chain retention which enhanced via an optimized tooth design to hold the rollers in place, significantly preventing chain drop while also reducing friction associated with traditional narrow/wide designs. In addition, the tooth is vertically asymmetrical to avoid interference while at extreme chain angles to the rear cassette.

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