Immersive Product Introduction ExperienceKMC’s New Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality projects.

With the effect of recent world events on trade shows and travel, KMC has utilized technology to convey product information through exciting augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) projects. As a pioneer in the chain industry, KMC again sets benchmarks in new ways to interact with customers in all channels.

KMC’s online VR booth creates a friendly virtual environment to explore at your leisure. Visitors are presented with the latest product introductions, AR experiences, 720-degree product viewing, tool series videos, and more. In addition, communication with KMC is immediately available through the portal.

KMC’s immersive and interactive AR experience offer chains and chainrings in 3D and true AR. Products can be viewed in vivid detail at all angles and color choices. Descriptions and videos explain product features as well as key points indicating KMC tech. With true AR, enjoy seeing KMC’s products in the real world!

During and after the pandemic era, KMC keeps core values in mind while providing multiple product streaming services and information platforms, and also contributing more effort to enhancing customer interactions.

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