【KMC Green Policy】X11SL renews carbon footprint certification

As a pioneer of the green transportation industry, KMC continually maintains its focus on eco-friendly commitments. Since 2012 when KMC received the first carbon footprint certification for a chain manufacturer, carbon emission reduction has become a fundamental process in all aspects of KMC product life: examples include initial green strategy planning/execution to choosing eco-friendly packages and packaging materials. KMC continues dedication to recyclable package designs, low-carbon technical development, and integrated supply chain management to name a few.

KMC’s 11 speed lightweight chain - X11SL – has been recently awarded the carbon footprint certification with B2C measurement. As a popular product, the X11SL could maximize the low-carbon quantity influence. From raw materials supply chain to global products delivery, carbon emission from every step is calculated to make sure that the green cycle standard is achieved. KMC is applauded for not only providing quality products, but also enabling a more eco-friendly product lifespan.

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