KMC AwardsKMC eCargo chainAcquisition 2022 TAIPEI CYCLE d&i Awards

Focusing on the high-durability and long-lasting road conditions of e-Cargo Bikes, KMC's eCargo chain specially designed for high-end cargo bikes, with its innovative and unique design and excellent production technology, was recognized by the 2022 Taipei iF Design Award.

KMC has designed a chain with a focus on strength and long life. Unparalleled tensile strength and outstanding durability surpass all expectations of a dedicated e-Cargo chain. In response to significantly increases force on e-Cargo drivetrains, e-Cargo chain exceeds international tensile-strength standards to achieve a market-leading 1350kgf which is 30% higher than other KMC e-Bike chains and 50% higher than industry standards.

Redesigned protective bushings cover pins to reduce abrasion and high-load wear allowing eCargo1 chains to last over twice as long. Innovative inner and outer plates are strengthened by 15% more surface area and are 20% thicker compared to other KMC e-Bike chains. Wider and thicker plates allow for increased strength, stability, and provide anti-chain drop assurance.

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