【KMC Riders】2022 Giro d’Italia - Thomas De Gendt Dominates Stage 8

The 2022 Giro d’Italia in 2022 began on May 6th in Budapest and was successfully completed in Verona on May 29th. Thomas De Gendt from the KMC-sponsored Lotto Soudal Cycling Team won Giro d’Italia stage 8 while also showing cunning tactics throughout the event.

The contest this year had 21 stages with a total distance of 3,445.6 km, including 6 high mountain stages, 7 flat stages, and 6 medium mountain stages, which give enormous challenges to all participants.

The overall length of stage 8 was 153 km. De Gendt dominated most of the stage but in the last 2 miles, MVDP and Biniam came close to catching up. In the end, a 9 seconds gap ensured victory for De Gendt.

Lotto Soudal Cycling Team proudly uses KMC chains for training and competition. KMC is honored to accompany the team and Thomas De Gendt in their journeys and triumphs.

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