【KMC Awards】KMC Racing Duo – rewarded 2023 TAIPEI CYCLE d&i awards

KMC Racing Duo is the first chain and chainring combination to be completely designed for competitive environments.

The Racing Duo chainring has a unique “Jaws” patented tooth design that cradles the chain rollers in place for maximum effective gear and chain interaction. The Jaws teeth provide ultimate pairing with the chain via “Chain Mate” technology between KMC’s perfectly matched chainring teeth and chain rollers.

Racing Duo's chain has been redesigned and upgraded for efficiency. An embossed double inner X-Bridge and optimal chamfering enable higher efficiency to allow for a 5.2 watt energy savings, and to more effectively maintain top speed.

Friction is the enemy of drivetrains; KMC has focused on significantly reducing friction with exceptional component engagement. Ride 5% farther in the same time span with Racing Duo. Racing Duo is truly built for speed and efficiency.

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