KMC Awards】KMC won the Top 25 of The Best Taiwan Global Brand 2023

As the world keeps turning, KMC moves forward with firm steps and maintain a high level of development capabilities and creativity, that allows KMC won the 25th of The 2023 Best Taiwan Global Brand with the brand value has reached US$83 million.

In 2022, the global market supply level will recover by about 80%, and the Drivertrain product combination has become a trend. KMC has been focused on designing and developing for the market and gradually open up new markets for e-Bike solution. Maintain a keen eye on the market while also initiating horizontal expansion.

In the face of future challenges, KMC do the best to turn crises into opportunities, actively exploring via different social media and e-commerce platforms, maintaining the brand stability amid the rapid changes in the industry.

In addition, KMC established an ESG committee in 2021 and joined the "Bicycling Alliance for Sustainability (BAS)" as a member. KMC continued dedication to reduce carbon by at least 3% every year to reduce at least 25% by 2030.

At the same time, KMC keeps cooperating with industry to promote sustainable actions in response to global competition and target of net-zero emission.

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