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【High Pin Power with Reinforced Durability|Quieter Riding Experience】
Z Series features stronger pins and riveting to achieve higher pin power and upgraded durability while structural chamfering bring benefits of low noise and smooth pedaling.

【Anti-Drop Design|Wider, Thicker, Safer】
Anti-drop design combined with wider and thicker chain plates allows for a more stable and safer cycling experience.

【Rust Buster – Rust Shield|Defense from the Elements】
For protecting city/trekking and public bikes which are exposed to the elements, RB offers protection against salt and moisture and improves chain durability.
【Patented RB Anti-Rust Coating|Surpasses 500 Hour Salt Spray Test】
Durable anti-rust coating from a unique surface treatment that surpasses 500 hour Salt Spray Test.



1/2"x3/32" | Compatibility : All single speed drivetrains